Adamson House & Getty Villa Prove to be Worth a Visit to Malibu

Yesterday my boyfriend and I traveled down to Malibu. I had told him that I’d take him on a date but it was mostly for me to be honest.

The point where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific

Adamson House

Right on the Pacific Coast there’s a house that was built in the early 20th century. Although pictures aren’t allowed inside, the outside alone is in a breathtaking Spanish Colonial Style.


In the 1920s the lady of the house discovered clay nearby and opened Malibu Potteries. Typically you’d think this means things like dishes or pots, but really Malibu Potteries made almost exclusively tile. During this time period tile was very popular.

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The house originally was built to display the company’s tile, every room from the ceilings to the walls to the floors was covered. A large hallway in the middle of the house had a tile floor made to look like a Persian rug that is made from 674 tiles that spans 60 feet, making it the largest tile Persian carpet (pictured above).

Getty Villa

For those who haven’t heard of the Getty Villa, it’s a garden in Malibu way up on a hill. The goal of the Getty Villa is to look like a Greco-Roman Oasis, complete with stone columns and painted walls adorned with vines, mythological characters and gold accents.IMG_4232

It was fragrant, pleasing and all encompassing. It doesn’t feel like something anywhere near Los Angeles, yet it kind of does. If you look at the “stone” columns they are actually concrete painted white. The statues were made of a dark bronze but the eyes weren’t painted white as well.

In the past I have had a very hard time trying to focus at museums and on tours. I am prone to getting annoyed by the crowds and annoyed by the overwhelming amount to look at. This time I had a lot of fun, we went on a Thursday so we were alone the most of the day in a beautiful city. I would suggest Adamson House to anyone, especially people trying to decorate their space, it’s very inspiring.

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