ComplexCon 2017 in all its Complexity

On Sunday my boyfriend and I headed down to Long Beach for ComplexCon day 2. Including the not one, or two but three booths that Pharrell had, there was a lot to see. For anyone looking for street wear from any big or small brand… this is the place.

So we showed up in our Sunday best and prepared ourselves for the hordes of swagged out teenagers, sneaker heads and anyone else who could actually afford a $95 graphic tee.

Shirt: Hollow Earth Club (2017)

Towards the entrance were huge booths for Puma, Adidas and a few other big names. Intel had a responsive booth made to look like a busy Chinese street… but pixellated.

Intel booth at ComplexCon

G-Star Raw partnered with Pharrell was one of my favorites. The prints were dimensional and while they weren’t all that original, they had a traditional charm. The whole setup was really creative, it was made to look like an office backed by a wood-paneled wall and desks with typewriters. The four models sat at the desk typing away, very cool, I think that it really drew people in.


Model Ariana Emnace at the G-Star Raw booth at ComplexCon

Ebay surprised me, and I’m sure at least a few other people with its designer shoes wrapped in plastic wrap (for protection I’m sure). They had the new Off White X Nike shoes, really cool to see in person. They also had the undefeated ’97 Nikes.

Off White X Air Jordan 1 from the Ebay booth at ComplexCon
Undefeated Nike ’97 from the Ebay booth at ComplexCon

It almost made up for the fact that we couldn’t get into the Nike booth, by the time we got there they were cleaned out. Not to mention the line was still a couple of hours long at that point. The big attraction this year was that they were selling/giving away Nike Air Force Ones and other shoes that weren’t even in the market yet.


The Adidas booth was set up like giant boxes made from unfinished wood and many of the pieces were archival for show only, I believe.


We didn’t find the time to go to any of the Conversations (talks) this year, but honestly that’s okay. ComplexCon was a fun experience and I think anyone would have fun there, even if you don’t have the fashion money and/or knowledge.


Let me know what you guys thought of ComplexCon!

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