Why Avoiding Straws Will Not Save the World

Sustainability is a term that’s thrown around incredibly often these days, but the actual meaning can often seem a bit ambiguous. “Today, it refers to the need to develop the sustainable models necessary for both the human race and planet Earth to survive,” according to Sustainabilitydegrees.com. This may leave you asking, “What place do I have in all of this?” You’ve seen it; the 500 … Continue reading Why Avoiding Straws Will Not Save the World

Inexpensive Products You Can Use to Cut Waste

Coffee Thermos Most coffee shops will allow you to bring your own thermos these days. Or better yet, make coffee at home whenever possible! Lunch Containers Rather than ordering take-out, bring your own! It will save you not only money but lots and lots of waste. Metal Straw Metal straws are nice if you are a person who likes straws but don’t want to waste … Continue reading Inexpensive Products You Can Use to Cut Waste

How to Make Custom Terracotta Pots

This project is so easy! What’s fun about it is the fact that the possibilities are almost limitless. You can paint it however you want, add labels for plants and herbs, draw something or even add trinkets! Directions For Basic Painting 1. It’s always important to measure twice, cut (in this case, paint) once. Mine were 1 inch apart and I just marked each with … Continue reading How to Make Custom Terracotta Pots

Interview with the Career Wardrobe

Career Wardrobe is a business located on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. They specialize in second-hand professional attire with the purpose of helping people get back to work. I recently stopped by to do a little shopping and talk about what makes this store so special. When and how was the business created? We are turning 25 years old this fall. We were founded by … Continue reading Interview with the Career Wardrobe

Interview with Philadelphia Bikesmith

Philadelphia Bikesmith is a bike shop in the Fairmount neighborhood, they not only sell but service all types of bikes. I talked with both owners, Max and Lucas separately. I asked both the same questions but neither heard the other’s answers. It was interesting to see both similarities and differences but it was clear that the two and their staff work as a great team. … Continue reading Interview with Philadelphia Bikesmith

Interview with Bar Hygge

Bar Hygge is a charming restaurant and bar on Fairmount Street. They are known for the comfortable atmosphere as well as their brewery (seen here behind vintage windows). I talked with two of the owners and bar manager to see how they pull it all off. What is your backstory, what made you decide to open a restaurant? Julie: This is actually our second restaurant. … Continue reading Interview with Bar Hygge